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On this page you will find photos and details of all the wonderful things the children are doing in the class.

Term 2 ERP


Melbourne Museum


Scavenger Hunt


Anzac Biscuits

The Girls Club by Lucy Jackson
Once there was a girl club.  That girl club had 10 girls. Their names were: Holly, Kaia, Lucy, Lena, Chelsea, Zoe, Remy, Charlotte, Natalie and Emily.
We all play netball. Our coach is Tracey. The games we play are cut the cake and piggy in the middle. We learnt to dodge for Saturday when our netball games are on.

Holly was a nice girl. Her middle name was Amber and her last name was Rose. One day Holly was a member of the girl club and this is her story. She started to get bored so she asked her mum ‘can I have some friends over PLEASE mum?’ ‘ok’ said mum. ‘Thanks’ mum said. ‘How many people?’ mum said ‘how about 6’. ‘Mum who should I pick?’  ‘why not Rubby,  Piper, Matilda ,Hannah, Kaia ,and Sarah.’ ‘Ok good choice’ said mum. ‘I’m making a list of what where to go’ said Holly. TBC


Penguin, Chicken, Worm and Pigeon Take Over the World

By Myles

One wet day penguin, chicken, worm and pigeon woke up with a bang!!! A Rocket has hit their backyard on Mars
Then they said to each other ‘why is there nobody else living on so they took the Rocket to earth and declared it was their home but the people refused to let it go, so they fought. The animals won the fight eventually so demanded the people to demolish their homes and plant more trees. When the trees were all grown up the animals were very happy. The animals scared the people into jail they were crying but one day a lady had a baby, his name was John Cena when he grew up he broke everyone out of jail  and beated up the animals and put them in jail. The humans chopped the trees down and built a lot of houses. The animals were really angry. There was one wolf that wasn’t caught. She had hundreds of babies they attacked the people and won. The wolf let all the animals free and while some of the people were planting trees all the other people were building a bigger jail. Then penguin, chicken, worm and pigeon put everyone else in jail but then john cena came back from his holiday and killed chicken and pigeon!!! While worm dug really deep down in the ground. Penguin was swimming to Antarctica to get the rest of the penguins when had gathered all the penguins to swim back. While worm was tunnelling to find all the other worms in the world!!! When all penguins and worms attacked all the worms went in his ears. All the penguins tripped him over face first onto a pile of sticks, it really hurt. They flew in the rocket home and had a funeral for pigeon and chicken. Penguin said to chicken ‘I am going to kill John Cena’ ‘me too’ said chicken. So they went back at a tremendous speed. They gathered all their friends and attacked John Cena the worms ripped his face off. Then they dug really big hole in the ground. Penguin tripped him into the hole and buried him deep down they let everyone out of jail.
Chose four new animals. There was one chicken, one crab, and two pigeons they flew back to Mars. In nine years, they lived in a mansion and they bought a X-box 360.   

Ants By Tom Doddrell

Ants what are ants?

 Ants are insects they communicate by rubbing various body parts together including antennae.


They also use pheromones which are like ant perfume’ each ant has its own smell. All ants have pheromone glands. Poison glands and disinfectant glands. Ants use disinfectant glands to clean their body from germs because ants get diseases from them
Body parts

Ants have a hard outer skeleton ant’s antennae sense smell, touch, listen, taste

Ant relatives

 Ants are related to wasps, bees, termites and aphids. Wasps are extremely related to ants because wasps have three main parts head thorax, abdomen, wasps and wasps have stinger, jaws, good sight pheromone glands and come in colonies of up to 2000 wasps are just like ants except they don’t have disinfectant glands and they have wings.


Footy Clinic


Maths with Newspaper


Sustainability ERP


Sustainability Plays

 Ava's Dog Syd came to visit


Directors Cut Excursion

Last week we traveled to the Arts Centre to learn how to make and edit movies.  


Book Week


Erosion Experiments

As part of our investigations of geography, we looked at how weathering and erosion affect land forms. 


Nature Walk

At the beginning of the term students went on a scavenger hunt looking for different geological features. We had a wonderful time exploring our natural world. 


Science Incursion



Science Expo


Force Experiments


More Camp Photos


Survival Expo


Paper Planes


Grade 3 Camp



Community Walk

Students went on a walk in their local community. They collected data about different aspects of our community. Such as, risks and dangers, goods and services.  



International Food Day
Students were asked to bring in food from another country to share and sample.